5 axis 2D-3D Technology

EDGE 5 axis for 2D bevel cutting
ITC technology with 2D 5 axis Bevel ±55° and touch probe sensor for accurate position calibration.

5 axis 3D
The 5 axis Evolution 3D cutting system automatically maintains a costant distance between the nozzle and the material, through the use of a touch probe device.
This is also done while the cutting head is rotating . The interpolation of the axis can reach up to ±69° (optional ±90°), in any direction.
It is also possible to interpolate in 3D all axis simultaneusly, monitoring the cut profile with a laser pointer, integrated on to the cutting head.

- Innovative design, alluminium casting
- PATENTED INFICNITE ROTATION system with 4 concentric swivels (Opzional):
High Pressure Water, Air, Abrasive, Electrical
- Laser pointer for 2D and 3D visual countouring control
- 3D Cam Software with ITC™ (Intelligent Tapering Control™)

- Integrated Touch Probe and anticollision System, Laser Pointer and Vacuum Assist Sensor

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