Waterjet cutting

How the Waterjet technology works
NOZZLEThe intensifier pump pushes a water jet at very high pressure in the self-aligning cutting head moved by CNC control system. The water, ejected through a gauged orifice a four times the speed of sound, mixed with abrasive to cut any shape and materials up to a general maximum thickness of 300 mm/12”.

The Waterjet technology is the most various and easy to operate manufacturing process: and it is easy to use: further handling are not needed, it doesn't produce mechanical and thermal deformation, it allows and high optimization level through a 1 mm/0,040” gauged jet. It has no limit in terms of material type and size (up to 300 mm/12”) using abrasive or just by water).

It is really easy to use because the same tools and the same conditions can be used with the majority of materials. All of the above allow reduction of manufacturing time and costs in every sector, also thanks to the WaterCad-Cam ™ software, that provides with a simple click a customized work plan for any material and thickness
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