Hydro Finish


Hydrofinish is the innovative technology which works on the stone material surface by using a high pressure water jet. The process allows maintaining the original colour of the stone, selecting the degree of roughness to best suit the intended application and having this surface treatment applied to any stone thickness: these are just a few of the process advantages.
The degree of erosion, achieved through the various pressures available, creates different surface finishes which become even more unique and eye-catching thanks to the colourful patterns of natural stones.
hydrofinish multiple nozzle

How the WATERSTONE™ Technology works

The Hydro Finish Technology permits to texture the surface of the stone, ONLY by high pressure water (2.000 Bar = 29.000 PSI). Four important elements define the degree of roughness:
  • Working Pressure
  • Distance of the nozzle from the material surface
  • Working trolley and nozzle syncronized speeds
The perfect combination of these four parameters will create different smooth textures on the surface of the stone with different results for each specific material.

  • Exaltation of the natural color of the material (no yellowing)
  • Varation of the roughness finish
  • Enviromentally friendly process with smoke, pollution and heat free
  • Any material thickness (> 10 mm.) texturing process

hydrofinish samples


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