Certifications, Awards and Patents

Waterjet’s quality standards are certified by means of cutting-edge tests and trials carried out with Renishaw equipment and comply with the applicable quality certifications.
Quality Control complies with ISO 9001- 2015 requirements, the worldwide recognised reference standard for the
Quality management of any organisation aiming to address both the need to enhance the effectiveness and the efficiency of its internal processes and, at the same time, to face the ever-growing competitiveness of the market by improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
The ISO 9001-2015 standard guarantees EC compliance for every manufactured component as well as the completed machines.

The Final Quality Control Declaration accompanies every machine sold and certifies the measured precision and repeatability tolerances in relation to those guaranteed by the factory.

“Strong Performance Needs A Strong Partner”: this is the reason why for over 11 years Waterjet has been installing on its machines the US pumps and components manufactured by KMT, which are able to reach a very high waterjet pressure, up to 6200 Bar.

In 2019, Waterjet was awarded as the “Biggest Global OEM” by KMT for the eleventh consecutive year.

The in-house engineering department designs and develops every patented innovative application and high-technology solution with in 3D technology.
The company is the proud holder of the following:

EU PATENT No. DE 20 2007 012 572 U1
4-axis technology with I.T.C.™ (Intelligent Taper Control) for tapering compensation

EU PATENT No. CH 701 319 A2
Infinite rotating system for 5 axis 2D and 3D inclined cutting.

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