R&D : Research and Development

Waterjet Corporation has built an R&D and demo center focusing on the group new technologies. The objective is to test, implement and improve them before they are commercializedThe technical office researches and develops new alternative and better systems, still guaranteeing an highest reliability on the market.

The most innovative projects are then patented, also recording the related Trade Marks to better protect the know-how and to guarantee that they are unique

Patten DE 20 2007 012 572 U1

Patten 939/09 for 5 axis

Waterjet Corporation’s Engineering Department utilizes 3D softwarefor designing all machine components and assemblies.

Assembling Line and Process Monza (Italy)
produzione monza

Showroom and Research & Development Monza (Italy)
showroom monza

Showroom and Research & Development Elgin, Illinois (U.S.A.)
showroom USA
showroom usa elgin

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