3 axis Gantry Bridge Technology with Integrated Tank
3 axis Gantry Bridge Technology with Integrated Tank and Helical Rack & Pinion transmission with self lubricating system.

WL 510

Net Cutting Area X = 11’
Y = 5’ 1/2
Z = 8”
Inner Table Working Area 12’ x 6’
Overall Dimensions 13’ x 8 x h 6’
Rapid Speed 0 - 67’ / min
Weight 5.000 lb
Positioning Accuracy ± 0,004”
Repeatibility ± 0,003”
Ball Bar Ø 300 mm (12”) ± 0,004”

Metals and plastic materials

Stone and ceramic materials

Glass and crystal



  1. The Graphic-Window shows the shape of the work piece and the cutting path. It can be used to define the start point for the restart function
  2. The Display-Bar shows Position, Time, Offset, Feedrates and Override data
  3. Operational Functions for the different Modes (Jog,Manual, Automatic)
  4. Main menu switches for the different Modes
  5. Main Switch Board
  6. USB Port
  7. Override
  8. Teleassistance.

WaterCad-Cam is a CAD/CAM solution designed to easily automate the programming of Waterjet machines.
Within the same program environment, you can design or import a part by DXF and DWG, consult the plate warehouse, perform manual or automatic nesting, execute manual or automatic cutting sequences, generate the NC program and calculate time and costs.

WL 44 1.250 x 1.250 mm
4' x 4'
WL 512 3.400 x 1.650 mm
11' x 5' 1/2
WL 612  4.000 x 1650 mm
13' x 5' 1/2
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