Numerical control


  1. The Graphic-Window shows the shape of the work piece and the cutting path. It can be used to define the start point for the restart function.
  2. The Display-Bar shows Position, Time, Offset, Feedrates and Override data.
  3. Operational Functions for the different Modes (Jog, Manual, Automatic).
  4. Main menu switches for the different Modes
  5. Main Switch Board.
  6. Emergency switch.
  7. Override.
  8. Remote diagnostic.

WaterCad-Cam is a CAD/CAM solution designed to easily automate the programming of Waterjet machines.
Within the same program environment, you can design or import a part by DXF and DWG, consult the plate warehouse, perform manual or automatic nesting, execute manual or automatic cutting sequences, generate the NC program and calculate time and costs.
- Automatic lead-ins/lead-outs
- Water jet technology tables
- Speed reduction in corners
- Support of technological elements such as chamfers (bevels), loops and bridges
- True-shape NESTING, including parts in parts (optional)
In the technological tables MATERIAL, THICKNESS and FINISHING for the required task can be selected; an ISO program (NC Code) is automatically generated, ready for uploading to the CNC by ETHERNET or USB.
The software also allows for an Estimations related to the programmed job prior to the actual cutting being run, showing COSTS, TIMING and CUTTING LENGTHS.

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