Vieni a Trovarci al COVERINGS 2023

NEWS: 18 Aprile 2023

Coverings is the preeminent event for the ceramic tile and natural
stone industry in North America.


Hydrofinish is the innovative technology designed and developed by Waterjet Corporation S.r.l.
Used to machine the surfaces of various materials, in this application the water jet has a lower pressure but a wider range of action,
allowing the machined surface to be finished by accelerated erosion


5-axis accurate waterjet machine with innovative 
new generation Hybrid and High Energy Saving
ServoIntensifier Pump and Hydrofinish Combined technology for surface stone and marble decoration


SERVODRIVE™ is an innovative High Efficiency (90%) 

HYBRID Servo Intensifier Pump with a PATENTED.
The Numerical Control synchronizes the working pump cycles ensuring 37% energy saving compared
to a
traditionaloleo-dynamic intensifier pump powered by asynchronous motor.

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