Vieni a Trovarci al STONE EXPO 2023

NEWS: 24 Aprile 2023


Hydrofinish is the innovative technology designed and developed by Waterjet Corporation S.r.l.
Used to machine the surfaces of various materials, in this application the water jet has a lower pressure but a wider range of action,
allowing the machined surface to be finished by accelerated erosion


5-axis accurate waterjet machine with innovative 
new generation Hybrid and High Energy Saving
ServoIntensifier Pump and Hydrofinish Combined technology for surface stone and marble decoration


SERVODRIVE™ is an innovative High Efficiency (90%) 

HYBRID Servo Intensifier Pump with a PATENTED.
The Numerical Control synchronizes the working pump cycles ensuring 37% energy saving compared
to a
traditionaloleo-dynamic intensifier pump powered by asynchronous motor.

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