How Waterjet technology works and its applications

Waterjet cutting technology consists of a very high-pressure waterjet ejected at three times the speed of sound from the cutting head. In case of applications on harder materials, the jet of water is mixed with an eco-friendly natural abrasive powder regarded as the actual ‘cutting tool’.
Increasingly widespread in the landscape of machine tool processing, Waterjet technology stands out for its very high versatility and cutting precision, its userfriendliness, and since it is a cold cutting process, it does not produce any mechanical or thermal deformations on the material. It does not require any additional processing, because the surface of the cut contour is perfectly finished, and the process is entirely environmentally sustainable.

Waterjet cutting systems stand out for their very high cutting precision and guarantee production with minimum waste.

Waterjet technology is very easy to use: the setting operations are straightforward. The main benefits for the customer are the cold cutting process and the increase in productivity thanks to a significant reduction in time and cost, mostly because no further processing is required. The WaterCad-Cam™ software with a customisable user interface, installed on every machine, is easy to use: with a few clicks it is possible to select and run the customised work program for any material and any thickness.

Waterjet solutions allow you to cut any shape, size or material up to a maximum thickness of 300 mm. By using the same tool and parameters during most operations, it is possible to easily cut different materials such as marble, granite, glass, ceramic, composite materials, metals, and alloys.