Modular RAM waterjet travel extendeble system
Modular RAM waterjet travel extendeble system
Flying bridge Modular Technology with separate SS tank suitable to cut all standard and special materials with large dimension size too
3D 5 axis system with extendeble Z axis up to 1 mt (40'') high which allows to position on the working tank large parts
Maximum sealing protection of the bearings and LM guides
3D 5 axis operation up to 1 mt Z axis travel (40'')
High protection of the guides by a rubber seealing bellows
 Maximum 4 sides open area.

Modular extendeble waterjet Flying bridge technologyTecnologia modulare con ponte a sbalzo mobile e vasca separata con doppi banchi di lavoro per ridurre i tempi morti durante il carico e scarico

Modular extendeble waterjet Flying bridge technology with double tables to save downtime due to load/unload materials handling


Special cantilever system RAM customized for special application with large overall and thickness material dimensions
Z axis travel : 800 mm (32'')
X axis travel : 1.500 mm (59'')
Accurate elical ALPHA WITTESTEIN rack and pinion transmission with centralized auto lubricating system for all preloaded bearing and pinions

Steel tube cutting application from Ø 4 to 8 mt  (13'-26') diameter and from 170 to 300 (7''-12'') mm thickness
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