Waterjet Corporation has been manufacturing and selling technologically advanced machines and systems for high-pressure waterjet cutting and finishing, intended for their target markets and industries, since 1991. The company headquarters are located in Monza, Italy, one of Italy’s outstanding manufacturing districts always geared to the innovation and the pursuit of top quality performance.
Since its early years of business, Waterjet has been operating to strengthen its assets, acquiring, between 1997 and 2001, three buildings to meet its need to expand its assembly, showroom, and Research & Development areas. The course set by the company’s management aims to build a structured business and position it as one of the most influential players on the market of water jet cutting and finishing systems, as well as to create technologically advanced custom solutions using only high-quality, reliable components that can ensure very high standards in terms of processing accuracy.

Italy - Monza

Italy -  Agrate Brianza


Waterjet’s ambitious business plan originates from the company’s strategic and marketing planning: in 2004, it begun an internationalisation process focused on the expansion and consolidation of Waterjet’s presence on leading international markets. Thanks to exclusive distribution agreements and new branch offices for direct sales opened in the USA and the UAE over the past 15 years, Waterjet can now ensure an excellent widespread sales force along with timely technical support for its machines, both remotely and on site. From 1991 up until now, Waterjet has sold and installed over than 1500 systems across 60 countries.

Italy - Monza


Thanks to its commercial success, in 2016 Waterjet received the BTOB award, the highest recognition for the business community in Lombardy, awarded the first prize in the “Internationalisation” category among the best manufacturing companies of the area.

Waterjet’s success on the international market of waterjet cutting and finishing systems lies in the constant drive to pursue top quality standards: the in-house design team designs and develops all the innovative applications and high-tech solutions, which are then patented and implemented on the machines. Waterjet certifies its high-quality standards through checks, testing and commissioning procedures in compliance with the latest ISO 9001-2015 standard regulations.

USA, Elgin

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