The New Waterjet Era

NEWS: September 05, 2022



At the end of a four-year period in which the R&D department of Waterjet Corporation was involved in the study of a further technological breakthrough in the Full Electric system to intensify the water jet,the company, this year, launched the latest pump model on the market, the E-Drive Pro which completes the range of pumps for high pressure intensification.

The pressure intensifier systems designed, developed and manufactured by Waterjet are now available in a range of two hybrid models and two totally electric models. A range of pumps capable of guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency, thus cutting not only consumption and costs but also emissions and so earns a place in the world of sustainable technology.


Differences between E-Drive and E-Drive PRO

Before launching the E-Drive Pro system on the market, the company developed three prototypes in-house to test in the most challenging conditions.
The culmination of this stage of stringent testing was the official product, the E-Drive Pro: a system capable of delivering a pressure of up to 6,000 bar with a flow rate of 2.5 litres of water per minute. A pump designed and manufactured for the most challenging production processes.

From a size and mechanical component point of view, E-Drive Pro was designed and manufactured according to a configuration that could withstand the high forces applied:


  • the entire mechanical part responsible for the kinematic movement of the intensifier system - ball screw, rotating nut, bearings - is bigger than the E-Drive model, specifically to withstand the high physical stress caused by the extreme forces to which it is subjected.
  • The most radical change compared to the E-Drive model lies in the high-pressure components - cylinder, head, gasket, Check Valve housing system. In the E-Drive Pro model, these components have been inherited by the Hyperdrive hybrid pump which is capable of delivering a pressure of 6,500 bar. These are integrated into the drive system of the E-Drive Pro pump, which no longer consists of a piston and oil cylinder system, but of the ball screw.
  • The motor which drives the screw also changes: in this case, it has a power of 27 kW and thus generates a higher torque allowing the pressure to be increased to 6000 bar with 90% efficiency.

The advanced technology showcased by the E-Drive Pro model was made possible by the fact that Waterjet Corporation develops and manufactures its intensifier systems in-house: with an expertise and production infrastructure that makes it possible to have full control of the entire production process.

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