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NEWS: May 15, 2022



The technology behind a Waterjet Corporation small waterjet cutter is state-of-the-art: the same Made-in-Italy technology that guarantees and sustains the company's technological supremacy in the sector allows for the best waterjet cutting performance while safeguarding the environment and reducing consumption.

The PRIMA, PRATICA, CLASSICA and SUPREMA models in the Waterjet range can even be produced on a small scale with a small worktop and, therefore, a reduced footprint. Small waterjet cutters for sale are available with 625 mm x 1250 mm or 1250 mm x 1250 mm worktops.

This type of portable waterjet cutter machine is used in applications where large worktops are not required:

  • University research laboratories,
  • prototyping offices,
  • companies that produce ceramic mosaics

are just some of the areas of application for this technology, which is distinguished by the non-invasive nature of its cutting and its outstanding eco-sustainability. In general, small waterjet cutters for sale are used where waterjet cutting is carried out on small objects requiring non-invasive, very accurate processing.

One of the most sought-after aspects when purchasing a small water jet machine is the extreme accuracy of its cut. Microwaterjets are used to cut high-precision components in applications such as the medical sector (scissors, scalpels, blades, titanium inserts for prostheses, titanium components for cardiac surgery such as stents) and the oil industry. Waterjet Corporation recently sold a small-scale waterjet cutting machine (model PRIMA LT33 with a 1000 mm x 1000 mm table) to an offshore platform for the manufacture of spare parts such as flanges and brackets.

Installation of a small waterjet machine stems from the need not to take up too much room in production environments (a clear necessity in the case of offshore platforms) or from the specific nature of the application, which is very often linked to the quest for very close cutting accuracies. In both cases, the technology that these smaller-scale waterjet cutting systems are fitted with is the same as on standard machines: energy-saving intensifier pumps, control, mechanics and software are practically the same.

Waterjet pressure intensification systems


All development of new intensification technologies with hybrid or all-electric power is carried out in-house, further advancing Waterjet’s standards in technology and positioning it as a company that delivers high rates of innovation in its target segments.

Waterjet cutting as a complementary technology to wire EDM to boost productivity

In the case of waterjet cutting of metal materials on the small scale, Waterjet technology is a candidate for highly complementary technology to wire EDM machining, a technique that is widely used but which, despite the absolute precision of the cut, has considerable criticalities as far as productivity is concerned. If this technique is integrated upstream with waterjet cutting, and only finishing of the cut is delegated to EDM, significant improvements are achieved in terms of productivity without sacrificing the absolute quality standards obtained using wire EDM.

Ceramic mosaic sector: the benefits of using a small waterjet cutter

Waterjet cutting technology is increasingly being used in the stone and ceramics industry. In applications where the source slabs are small, such as mosaic tiles, a small waterjet cutter offers a number of advantages:

  • non-invasive cutting protects the chromatic identity of the material,
  • higher cutting accuracy compared with a tool,
  • 5-axis technology together with the lowest of jet sizes provides tremendous creative freedom and excellent results in terms of detail.

The small waterjet cutter as part of the equipment in university research laboratories


The US dealer WATERJET USA LLC of Waterjet Corporation has delivered a compact waterjet cutting machine to the University of Wisconsin–Madison College of Engineering.

The machine is a PRIMA LT44 model with a 1250 mm x 1250 mm worktop that is used by several research teams working in the laboratory, the vanguard of the US academic world dedicated to engineering, to advance their research programmes by carrying out tests and experiments that shed light on the outcome of the absence of mechanical and thermal impact of this type of technology on differing materials and applications. The laboratory seeks to develop the knowledge and technologies that improve the life of today and create a better future: Waterjet will play its part in this effort.

3 small waterjet models designed for the food sector


Waterjet Corporation has recently inaugurated a new division specifically focused on producing a line of small waterjet cutter that are all-electric and designed for the cutting of food. Waterjet Corporation’s CHEF JET is a new line of compact CNC waterjet cutting systems for the food industry equipped with innovative, energy-saving integrated hybrid servo intensifier pumps that include the DELICIA, MAGNIFICA, and OPTIMA models. These machines, with a flying bridge system, have a working area of 600 mm x 400 mm.

Waterjet cold cutting technology performs a soft, accurate, separating, clean cut – even in the case of small waterjet cutter, these are highly valued aspects in production processes.

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