Waterjet cutting of food products with Chef-Jet

NEWS: March 16, 2022


Waterjet Corporation develops waterjet cutting machines for the food industry. The new CHEF-JET machines for cutting frozen and fresh food products are added to the already existing wide range of waterjet systems dedicated to the marble, glass, metal, plastic and composted sectors. 

The new Chef-jet range aims to offer companies operating in food industries application solutions and highly innovative technologies by making available all the technological know-how developed in 30 years of experience


Fresh or Frozen products, the Chef-jet range is the solution!

The food industries, especially the confectionery ones, create an infinite variety of products and we believe that their creativity should not be limited by hiring a cutting expert or by production times.

We have therefore created a versatile and simple cutting process, suitable for any type of food product: pizzas, cakes, vegetables, meat, fish, baked goods, pastries, chocolate, fruit, dairy products, ice. 

Our Chefjet DELICIA  -  MAGNIFICA  -  OPTIMA machines use water pressure for:

  • to guarantee a cut without risk of contamination, present in cutting systems with cutters / knives
  • to eliminate the complexity of the portioning process, thanks to an intuitive operation;
  • to increase productivity: high cutting speed compared to the human operator, in addition to greater precision and less waste, and therefore waste of product; 
  • to reduce labor costs: the automated process ensures the repeatability of the result regardless of who uses the machine thanks to the integrated NC;
  • to reduce processing times: there is no downtime to replace, sharpen or clean the blades;
  • to guarantee a high level of precision: the waterjet has the thickness of a hair and the reduced width allows it not to compress, and therefore ruin, the products;
  • to ensure great flexibility: it satisfies the cutting needs of a large variety of products in various cutting models that can be programmed and customized by the operator;

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