Pure water waterjet technology

NEWS: February 01, 2022


How waterjet cutting works: the basic process

The waterjet cutting process is simple and consists in conveying the flow of water into the cutting head at a very high pressure thanks to an intensifying pump that can reach 6500 Bar; the water will come out of a conical nozzle which, by narrowing the jet, will increase its speed up to 3 times faster than the speed of sound.

Cutting techniques: abrasive vs. pure water cutting 

Waterjet cutting exploits the waterjet high pressure to cut a high range of materials, from the hardest to the softest, of any shape and thickness.

Waterjet technology with and without abrasive: the differences

There are two waterjet cutting techniques: water jet with abrasive and pure water jet.

1- Pure water jet –  Pure waterjet Waterjet Corp. machines are ideal for cutting soft materials such as sponges, gaskets, rubbers, plastics, insulation, foams, paper, fabrics and food products using a honeycomb table as a support.

Abrasive water jet -  In this case the cutting head is equipped with a mixing chamber where the abravise first comes combined with pressurized water to go then out of the nozzle to perform the cut. The abrasive increases the cutting power and allows to work with very hard and thick materials up to 350 mm (13.7") such as glass, metals, concrete, minerals, marble, stone, ceramic and composite materials.


Why use pure water cutting technology?

Since processed materials are soft and the density of latter is reduced, the advantages are as follows:
  • Increased work intensity due to the high cutting speed.
  • Processing of large quantities of workpieces through multiple cutting heads and bridges on the worktable (on the shorter side).
  • High speed performances: up to 60 mt (196 ft)/ min.
  • Opportunity to unroll and cut automatically / semi automatically wrapped materials, like stone wool which is packaged in rolls up to 50 mt (164 ft) long.
  • High productivity by coupling multiple layers of material, both in the use of a single or multiple head.
  • Work area from 1.25 mt (4.1 ft).
  • The design is user friendly and the piece is cut using the cutting software, if you need to change the shape you can do it in real time. In this way the whole work process is speeded up and economized.
  • Energy saving with the integration of our SERVO PUMPS which energy consumption is based on the specific energy demand. Soft material has low resistance so the operator can choose to reduce the flow rate and pressure of the water thus reducing consumption.

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